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Week of 25th June 2019: News & Emails. Redesign of site offline.

Week of 18th June 2019. News & Emails. Facebook Event page for hillwalkers. New page & graphics on for 3 peaks challenge. Working on site redesign.

Week of 11th June 2019: News, Emails. Installed wordpress locally, working on complete site redesign in spare time.

Week of 4th June: News, emails. Stone Festival page adding programme

Week of 28th May. News. Email enquiries. Doing daily weekend updates of “what’s on” for Summer Lights Festival

Week of 21st May 2019. News etc. Advertisement page for Green Gate. Corrections to some pages.

Week of 14th May 2019. News etc. Summer Lights festival programme updates. “Lovin’ the Hills” walking poster.

Week of 7th May. Divided tourism DVD into 4 separate videos for individual languages. Uploaded to “About Ardara” page with tabbed browsing. Weekly news, replying to emails.

Week of 30th April. Weekly news. Emails. Festival recap. Copies of Tourism video.

Week of 23rd April 2019. News, emails. Cup of Tae page and website.

Week of 16th April. Weekly news/community notices. [taking friday off]

Week of 9th April. Trying to work out why site breaks with theme upgrade. Added news. Emails etc.

Week of 2nd April 2019. Installed WordPress locally and downloaded for testing of upgrades. News, email enquiries. Advertising packages page.

Week of 26th March. Looking into upgrade of WordPress and theme. Community news. emails. Cup of Tae Festival website updates. April Fool’s Item.

Week of 19th March. bank holiday. Weekly News. Removed St. Patrick’s Day decorations/graphics. Photos from parade and walking festival sourced for inclusion.

Week of 12th March. News. Walking festival. SN Cholmcille website (school near Inishowen?) for Stephen Shevlin – site ready for content. St. Patrick’s Day decorations/graphics on site.

Week of 5th March 2019. News and announcements. Walking festival page Hill Walking Facebook page. Facebook promotion/graphics for Walking Festival.

Week of 26th Feb 2019. Weekly News + additional content. Posters for classes.

Week of 19th Feb. Weekly news. Updated activities > classes and added graphic. Emails. South of the Border review/update. Job vacancy notice/graphic. Material for new guesthouse. Work on SN Cholmcille website.

Week of 11th February 2019: Weekly news. emails answered. Walking Festival page/programme and Facebook page. Cup of Tae festival website news release.

Week of February 4th: (monday 3rd: fixing Cup of Tae festival website following server crash). Working on new website for SN Cholmcille Gortahork.
Weekly news. Added contact form, comment disable, blog page to Added & configured wordfence security on
Starting Walking Festival programme and brochure.

Week of January 29th 2019: Notices. South of the Border page styling/updating. Emails. Song contest graphics. Added classes to “Arts and Crafts” page. Added line-dancing/zumba classes. Weekly news. Header graphic for Play. Started graphics for new festival “Tir Chonaill Stone Festival”.

Week of 22nd January 2019. Weekly news. South of the Border festival. emails.

Week of 15th January 2019: Weekly news. Answering emails. New graphics for all festivals. Updating some festival programmes for 2019.

Week of 8th January 2019: Removed christmas decor. Changed mini calendar to highlight all dates, not just start date. Bigger pictures in sidebar latest news section. Starting new graphics for all festivals. Updating festival dates for 2019.



Week of 18th December 2018: Draft news. Continuing new graphics for next year’s festivals.

Week of 11th December: News. Adding christmas decorations. Improving google search results using webmaster tools. New sitemap. Beginning new graphics for next year’s festivals. Updating festival listings for 2019.

Week of 4th December: Adding new Shopping Spree & Christmas Lights page to “Festivals and Events”.  Making page for Advertising Packages. Contacting advertisers re placements on pages.

Week of 27the Nov 2018: Expanded clickable area on festivals & events page to cover entire section. Same for “upcoming event” section on homepage. Bigger sidebar thumbnails for latest news. Added signature & logo to emails. Replied email enquiries. Updates to contact page.
Added redirect: /category/local-news/ now points to News page instead of list of posts in “Local News” category (was showing up in google searches). Advertisers mailing list.

Week of 20th nov 2018: Optimised all directory images for faster loading, better aspect ratio in carousel on old Internet Explorer (doesn’t apply CSS properly).
SITE DOWN. troubleshooting site down. Was moving to new server? … Reinstated thursday.
News page- changed listing layout/style so link covers whole section. featured items on home page – made full image clickable.

Week of 13th November 2018: Weekly news, emails & items added. Improving semi collapsed main menu for medium screens eg. tablets inc. better styling for dropdown. -wed- starting advertisement system for front page, trialling here. *added advertisement carousel to front page and About Ardara page*

Week of 6th November. Added programme items found on facebook to Matchmaking Festival page. Finished page design. Weekly news. Emails. Added info box to front page to auto display next upcoming festival/event with summary/dates etc.

Week of 30th October: Updating Matchmaking page. Added weekly news. Adding announcement. Emails. Researching selling xmas raffle tickets online.

Week of 23rd Oct 2018: Designing/testing info boxes to display latest news summary and upcoming festival/event at top of page – for possible moving to home page. Added weekly news. Updating Matchmaking Festival. Adding halloween decorations to site.

Wed 17th Oct: weekly news (on annual leave)

Tues 10th Oct: weekly news (on annual leave)

Week of 2nd october 18: News added. design tweaks, removed drop shadow, added space at bottom. Better contact form layout for mobile.

Week of 25th Sept 2018: Added icons to directory listings. Changes/additions to warp&weft weekend.

Week of 18th Sept. Customising google maps for events pages. Emails. Warp and Weft festival page. Improved news page layout.

Week of 11th September. Weekly news. Finished replacing “activities” and “attractions” dropdown menus with link to page with icons/previews. Checking impact of redesign on visitor numbers to pages previously accessible via dropdown. Removed a front page banner. Fixing photo gallery problem with double images opening. Fri – replying emails. Added playgrounds page + icon for activities page + google map. Added narin to golf page + created google map. Added dolmen ctr gym to fitness page. New galleries page amalgamating photos + videos on one page with tabs.

Week of 4th September. Weekly news. Updating johnny doherty festival page and improving css. continuing menu changes – replacing “activities” dropdown menu with link to page with icons. Designed icons and implemented responsive layout.

Week of 28 August 2018. Weekly news. Starting complete overhaul of menu system. Replaced “about ardara” dropdown menu with new page. Design and implementation of 2 banners for front page to promote events.

Week of 21 aug. News. Additional posts. Redesign of top banner. New owenea fm radio player with consistent appearance across browsers. Adding weather section to news posts.

Week of 14th August. Preparing news. Updating bbq page + new graphics. New announcement graphic and css for front page for bbq. New Johnny Doherty fest page. 2 news update posts. Activated Gutenberg. Tested Gutenberg. Didn’t like Gutenberg. Deactivated Gutenberg.

Week of Aug 7th. Ardara Shows  and Wild Atlantic Week. Put together news.

Week of 31st July. News. Updated News friday. New WAW festival layout. Ardara Shows page, programme. style changes. Front page banner notice.

Week of 24th July. Weekly news. Additional story. Updating WAW festival programme.

Week of 17th July. Weekly news. Style and layout improvements. Pages added/updated under “Activities”.

Week of 10th July 2018. Weekly news. Programme for Bluegrass Festival. emails. Poster design for classes.

Week of July 3rd 2018: Weekly news. Adding activities.

Week of 26th June. Removing unpaid advertisements. Updating categories. Weekly news. Added details from news to festival page.

Week of 19th June 2018. Changed backup location from server to google drive. Styling item detail category pages. Friday added live music listings. Compiling visitor statistics.

Tuesday 12th June. Added weekly news, header graphic for concert (week “off”).

Week 5th June. Weekly News. Advertising pages – compiled statistics. Removed announcements.

Week of 29th. Weekly News. Summer lights.

Week of 22nd. Summer Lights brochure, web page, poster. Weekly news. Film posters.

Week of 15th May 2018 Animated colour Summer Lights headings. SN Cholmcille website.

Week of 8th May – sn cholmcille website. Weekly news.

Week of May 1st 2018

Added weekly news. Updating Cup of Tae website with additions, disabled comments, improved security.
Adding new “Fishing” page under Activities. Updated Photography page. Updated Arts & Crafts page and Golf page. Front page announcement for Cup of Tae concert.

Week of Tuesday 24th April 2018

New pop up art page.
Added weekly community news.
Reset css for bold text to not override colour.
Amendments to Cup of Tae website.

17th April 2018 – week

Added weekly news.

New advertisement / listing page

Changes to single listings pages layout

Week of Tuesday 10th April 2018

Added weekly news – new graphics

redesign and updating of Cup of Tae website

Promotion – Submitted Cup of Tae festival to:
(already on

Week 3rd April 18

Added weekly news.
removed easter deco. Updating narin page. Changing featured items on front page. Updated activities>walking

Started redesign and update of website

Week of 27th March 2018

Added weekly news – made new reusable header image graphic for news posts.
removed automatic linking in news/events featured images (edited theme PHP).
Added “Estate Agents” category to directory. Added to Google Maps.
Updated 1 personalities page.

Added easter decorations.

Week of 20th March

removed st. patricks decorations. Answered email queries. Updating personalities page. optimised css.

Week beginning Tues 13th March

Added St. Patrick’s Parade page to Festivals and Events. Made graphics.
Updated Walking festival page to include St. Patrick’s parade.
Added weekly news.
Pop up craft listing on events, news, activities.

Added shamrock decorations via CSS

reinstated underline links via css.
Merged css from theme and custom css into one file – deleted theme css.

Week beginning 6th March 2018

Transcribed events to Cup of Tae page. Added graphics from brochure. Changed featured image.

Week beginning 27th Feb 2018

Adding Google maps to Attractions Pages for: Maghera Caves (added “& Beach” + linked to Assaranca). Doon Fort. Glengesh Pass. Assaranca (+fixed links). Armada. Dolmen. Iniskeel (added Narin Beach)

Uploaded Cup of Tae PDF. Corrections to PDF for printers

Week beginning Tues 20th Feb 2018

Disabled add-ons that seem to affect speed

added google maps API to theme

Adding Men’s Shed page under Activities

Making graphics for Art & Craft Classes (to be added to Activities)

December 2017 – January 2018

Added new walking page and new map, photos.

Added art classes page.
Deleted art classes page.

Added Festivals & Events for 2018. Created new graphics for festivals & events.

Added announcement section to front page

Made radio player for Owenea FM, added to sidebar

Added Christmas graphics to header


Pre December 2017

Added working contact form

New directory structure/graphics for advertisers

Re-styled site.

Events system/calendar improvement/fix

Loading speed improvement – fixed plugin conflicts

Smaller slideshow for home page

Changed main menu. Improved site layout

Designed new logo/header

Improved Search box, added to sidebar