Church of the Holy Family Newsletter – Sun. 27th Feb. 2022

Masses this Coming Week as Follows:

Monday at 10.00am: Anniversary of Phonsie Bennett.

Tuesday at 10.00am: Anniversary of James and Cassie McGuire.

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and is the beginning of Lent.
Wednesday is a Day of Fast and Abstinence.
Ashes will be blessed and distributed at the Masses on Wednesday.
Masses: 10.00am for Bridie Byrne, special intention.
7.30pm: Anniversary of Nessa Molloy.

Thursday at 10.00am: Mass.

Friday is the First Friday. Masses at 10.00am and 7.30pm.
Anniversary of John F. and Mary Rose Gallagher at 7.30pm Mass.
The Stations of the Cross will be celebrated after the 7.30pm Mass every Friday in Lent.

Saturday at 11.00am: Anniversary of Paddy and Mary McGettigan.

Sunday at 7.30pm: Anniversary of deceased of Murrin family.

The elderly and housebound will be attended towards the end of this coming week as follows:
Those normally attended by Father Laverty will be attended by Fr. Moore on Thursday. Those normally attended by Fr. Moore will be attended as usual on Friday.

Advance Notice: If you’re intending to be received into the Church this Easter, would you please let one of the priests know, so that a course of preparation can be arranged during Lent.

The Dead

Fran Toner whose funeral took place in County Meath.

And we pray for:
Phonsie Bennett,
James and Cassie McGuire,
Nessa Molloy,
John F. and Mary Rose Gallagher,
Paddy and Mary McGettigan,
whose anniversaries occur.

And for the deceased members of the Murrin family.

May they all rest in the peace of the Lord. Amen.