Church of the Holy Family Newsletter – Sun. 12th June 2022

Daily and weekend Masses at the usual times

Anniversary and Memorial Masses this Week

Wednesday at 7.30pm: Memorial Mass for Raymond Brennan.

Friday at 7.30pm: Anniversary of Francis Campbell.

Saturday at 11.00am: Anniversary of Patrick and Mary Cunningham.

Saturday at 7.30pm: Anniversary of Peter and Angela Gallagher.

The Feast of the Holy Trinity

The Feast of the Most Blessed Trinity reminds us of one of the central beliefs of our faith, that God is One, and that there are three Persons in God – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are faced with mystery and the only response is “I believe” because Jesus said so.

The Dead

We pray for Francis Campbell; Patrick and Mary Cunningham; Peter and Angela Gallagher, whose anniversaries occur.

And for Raymond Brennan, for whom a Memorial Mass will be offered on Wednesday evening.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

The Water Cure

Sometime when you’re feeling important;
Sometime when your ego’s in bloom
Sometime when you take it for granted
You’re the best qualified in the room,

Sometime when you feel that your going
Would leave an unfillable hole,
Just follow these simple instructions
And see how they humble your soul;

Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining
Is a measure of how you’ll be missed.

You can splash all you wish when you enter,
You may stir up the water galore,
But stop and you’ll find that in no time
It looks quite the same as before.

The moral of this quaint example
Is do just the best that you can,
Be proud of yourself but remember,
There’s no indispensable man.