Ardara News 24th April 2024


The wonderful news has just been announced that the walkway along Kentucky, Cottage Lane and Narin Road will be named the “Terence Slowey Way“.

The people and community of Ardara are so happy at this announcement as we all know how hard Terence worked to ensure that this great walking area of Ardara could be lit up at night to make it a safe and secure walking route. A lot of money went into this project and the people of Ardara can be proud of this great work done by former Councillor Slowey and all the work he did for our community during his time as our councillor so it was appropriate that his successor Councillor Molloy brought this proposal to the council chamber for approval and it was unanimously approved by all councillors in the chamber.

On Thursday May 9th at 2pm the chairman of Donegal County Council Councillor Martin Harley will officially open the Terence Slowey Way at the Cottage Lane opposite O’Shea’s House everyone in the parish is most welcome and it would be so appropriate that people turn up to honour a man who served us so well.


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