The Dolmen Centre presents ‘Hands across the Sands’

August bank holiday, Monday, the 1st of August

The Dolmen Centre are running a novel event on the August bank holiday on Narin beach. They aim to get as many people as possible to join hands from the beach front to the island (a distance of some 660 metres).By joining hands we will be showing our solidarity with the Dolmen Centre Committee, who are fundraising for a public Swimming Pool for the area, and all monies raised will go towards the Swimming Pool development. The Committee have completed a Feasibility Study for the facility, and are now investigating the possibility of providing Irelands ‘First Carbon Neutral Swimming Pool’. They aim to do this by a variety of means including solar panels, heat recovery systems, exceeding building standards on insulation, and ‘carbon neutral’ heat sources. They are currently sourcing EU partners, to establish the ‘state of the art’ technologies to further this aim.There will be live music and a BBQ on the day and lots of fun to be had so come and join us! 

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