Press release on behalf of NPR Community Co-Op. Soc. Ltd. (Dolmen Centre).

The note below has been issued to the media and those standing in the forthcoming election

As a Management Committee, we would encourage you to share this widely and promote it, because if it succeeds, it will bring benefits to the whole SW of the county, and be the impetus for many more tourist related development.“In July of 2019 this community group succeeded in gaining planning permission for a Public Swimming Pool for the people of SW Donegal.This followed many years of hard work, liaising with Donegal County Council, Design Teams, EU Tendering and a significant investment of close to €100,000 by the local community.It would be remiss of the Dolmen Centre Management Committee at this point, not to call on all political parties, who are extolling the virtues of rural Ireland, who say they want to promote positive discrimination and improve the health and wellbeing of it’s citizens, to ask them now to fully support our project, and fund it accordingly.In terms of our health, both mental and physical, it is time that the political powers recognise the holistic values that a public pool can bring to a community. It’s costs should be offset by the improvement in cardiovascular, mental health and the management of obesity throughout the community. For every day spent in an Acute Hospital, the state spends €1,000. If they are serious about changing health outcomes, investing in disadvantaged areas and kick starting the rural economy, let them now get behind us. It is something the people of SW demand and deserve.We would ask them all respectively to take a stance and support our worthy endeavour.”ENDS.

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