Dolmen Centre improving ‘Bog Road’ access at Bonnyglen Wood

October 2019

The Narin, Portnoo, Rosbeg Community Co-Operative Society Ltd. (Dolmen Centre) are currently working with Donegal County Council to improve the access on the above road. The initial works have been carried out and DCC hope to have the project completed by mid November to ensure that full drawdown of the €50K funding is carried out.We would like to thank former Councillor Terence Slowey in sourcing funding for this project. The Dolmen Centre have funded the ground works and drainage on this road as part of the CIS (Community Involvement Scheme), and we hope to have a road surface which can be accessible in the event of an emergency  situation or if high tides cut off the peninsula. Furthermore, it is hoped to link this in with the Bonnyglen Wood to create a 4.2km ‘looped walk’. We have been in contact with Coillte to pursue this goal and in our correspondence with them and at their public meeting for the development of the wood, they have been open to our suggestions.We are delighted to be working with these two State Bodies to bring change to the local area and look forward to continuing these developments on your behalf going into the future.It will be of great benefit to the local community to be able to link the Loughfad to the Tullies ‘Bog Road’ with an accessible roadway, and we would hope to see it being used and publicised by all. 

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