Dolmen Centre create new looped walk at Bonnyglen

Bonnyglen-Tullies Bog Road Walk

The Dolmen Centre are delighted to be able to announce the impending arrival of a new walk at Bonnyglen, Loughfad, Portnoo.This 4.2km walkway has seen co-operation between our local Dolmen Centre group and 2 state organisations, namely Donegal County Council and Coillte. In 2019, the Council and the Dolmen Centre improved the drainage along the ‘Bog Road’ linking Loughfad to the Tullies, and then proceeded to put hard fill along the route.At a public meeting in early 2019, Coillte undertook to work with the local Community to link this ‘Bog Road’ into the rear of the wood. They’re now actively felling the old wood as the trees there are so old, that it is dangerous. These conifers will be replaced with deciduous trees and while the majesty of the old wood will be gone for now, we as a Community look forward to getting access once again to this much used resource.
Bonnyglen looped walk
Bonnyglen looped walk
Bonnyglen looped walk

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