Ardara of old

This early photograph of the town came into my possession via a friend from work, who in turn had received it from an Australian lady she had trained with as a student nurse. Knowing her friend was from Donegal, she sent it to her as it reminded her of the beautiful villages and towns of our county.It originated as a Postcard and you can see a postmark clearly on the picture. The thing that struck me of the picture was the colour, as judging by the streetscape, I suspect the original was in black and white. The photo is taken from near the Diamond close to the Flower Pot and facing towards the ‘West End’, with the Nesbitt Arms featuring prominently on the right.I’m sure as you look at it and zoom in to the various buildings, it will prompt some questions, or indeed if you have any answers about when it was taken or comments on the photo itself, feel free to get in touch with us info@ardara.ieIMG_2978

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