Ardara News 23rd February 2021

Keeping the Parish Clean and Tidy

Just before the grass grows and the vegetation covers the rubbish, now is a good time to pick the litter. If every household picked up the litter within a half mile of your home, it would be a great opportunity to clean up our beautiful parish.

From next Monday 1st until Saturday 6th March, we are asking for a community effort to clean our Parish. If rubbish is bagged and needs collection, please contact Michael on 087-2830786 and he will collect the bags.

Ardara to be Part of a Pioneering Climate Initiative

Ardara is to join forces with Phibsborough on Dublin’s northside in a unique partnership embracing climate action while seeking to nurture local development.

The people’s transition project devised by TASC, the independent think tank for action on social change, aims to get community groups to work out what’s best for their areas in addressing climate change, while also ensuring better and healthier standards of living.

“Whether you’re living in the inner city or a small rural town, we all want a decent standard of living and to live as part of a thriving and prosperous community,” said Seán McCabe of TASC Climate Justice Centre.

“When we include people in decisions, when we co-create solutions with them, and when people see that actually things can get much better, not worse, with climate action, then they will want to be part of that,” he added.

The reality was people wanted to protect the planet for future generations, but also have very real and immediate concerns for their lives now, Mr McCabe added. This meant public spending on climate action must be channelled into job creation, community businesses and local production opportunities where possible.

Local businesswoman Lauren McHugh said living in the village was also all about “feeling supported” and people rallying around in the best interests of their community. They wanted their community to survive post Covid, she said, and to apply that solidarity to climate action.

Pilot projects will run in August, with rounds of “community mapping” and consultation to identify key priorities and needs. Reports will then document the local landscape, needs and opportunities, as well as “key, costed climate solutions that can be implemented locally”.


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