Sandbox | Welcome to Ardara, Co. Donegal



Week beginning Tues 20th Feb 2018

Disabled add-ons that seem to affect speed

added google maps API to theme

Adding Men’s Shed page under Activities

Adding Art & Craft Classes to Activities

December 2017 – January 2018

Added new walking page and new map, photos.

Added art classes page.
Deleted art classes page.

Added Festivals & Events for 2018. Created new graphics for festivals & events.

Added announcement section to front page

Made radio player for Owenea FM, added to sidebar

Added Christmas graphics to header


Pre December 2017

Added working contact form

New directory structure/graphics for advertisers

Re-styled site.

Events system/calendar improvement/fix

Loading speed improvement – fixed plugin conflicts

Smaller slideshow for home page

Changed main menu. Improved site layout

Designed new logo/header

Improved Search box, added to sidebar