Church of the Holy Family Newsletter – Sun. 24th July 2022

Daily and weekend Masses at the usual times

Confessions available after the 11.00am Mass on Saturday.

Anniversary and Remembrance Masses

Monday: Deceased of Mooney / Cunningham families.

Tuesday: Cornelius Bonner.

Wednesday: Month’s Mind of Peggy Kelly.

Thursday: Deceased of Craig family.

Friday: Deceased of Kennedy family, Cashel.

Saturday at 11.00am: Sister Sheila Gallagher and deceased of the Gallagher family.

Saturday at 7.30pm: Deceased of Gavigan / Smith families.

Reminder for Your Diary

The Service of Prayers, Blessing etc. in the Parish Cemetery will be held on Sunday 7th August at 2.30pm. A collection for the maintenance of the cemetery will be taken up at the service. Please let relatives and friends who may not be living in the parish know the date and time of the service.

The Dead

We remember in prayer this weekend:

Cornelius Bonner; Brendan Sheerin whose anniversaries occur.

Peggy Kelly whose Month’s Mind Mass is on Wednesday evening.

The deceased members of the Mooney / Cunningham families; the deceased of the Craig, Kennedy, Gallagher and Gavigan families and Sister Sheila Gallagher who died recently.

May they all rest in the Peace of the Lord. Amen.

Holy Water

Holy Water is water that has been blessed by a priest in the name of the Church.

Why does the Church encourage the use of Holy Water?

  • It reminds us of our Baptism.
  • It reminds us, as we bless ourselves with it, of the presence within us of the Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Because, through the Church’s blessing, the water, weak though it is in itself becomes a powerful defence against the spiritual powers of evil which surround us.
  • It is a visible sign, in addition to the sacraments of God’s Help. It is called a Sacramental.