Church of the Holy Family Newsletter – Sun. 17th Apr. 2022

Daily and weekend Masses at the usual times.

Confessions available after the 11.00am Mass on Saturday.

Anniversary and Remembrance Masses

Monday: Lily and Colm Heron

Tuesday: Anthony and deceased members of the Brennan family

Wednesday: Padraig McGill

Friday: Packie Kennedy

Saturday at 11.00am: Month’s Mind of Mary Mooney

Saturday at 7.30pm: Margaret and Mick Kennedy and the deceased members of the Kennedy Family

Easter Time

The celebration of Easter is prolonged throughout the Easter Season. The fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday are celebrated as one feast day: The “Great Sunday”.

The Sundays of this season are regarded as Sundays of Easter and are so termed. They have precedence over all feasts of the Lord and of all other feasts.

“Christ is risen alleluia”. This is the ancient Christian greeting on this day of great joy and happiness for all.

“Easter is not one feast among many but the Feast of Feasts, the Mystery of the Resurrection in which Christ conquered death, that is the centre of our faith.

The Dead

We pray for Lily and Colm Heron; Anthony Brennan; Padraig McGill; Packie Kennedy; Margaret and Mick Kennedy, whose anniversaries occur.

For deceased members of the Brennan and Kennedy families and for Mary Mooney whose Month’s Mind Mass is on Saturday at 11.00am.

We wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter.