The Campbells

We started the Cup of Tae festival in 2001 and our encouragement and support was always the Campbells. In the early days we went on the Packie Keeney show with the Campbells to highlight the upcoming festival and what fun we had in the relaxed company of Packie and the stories of Jimmy and Vincie.

The Campbells always played in the Greenhouse during the Cup of Tae festival in those days. They arrived late but played until late and when all other sessions were over around town, the must place to go to was the Greenhouse and the craic with the Campbells.

We honoured the Campbells at the cup of Tae in 2004 at a special concert in the community centre, where the packed crowd had the joy of all the best traditional sessions in Ireland honouring these wonderful men.

Then in 2011 we honoured the great John Simi Doherty and of course the prodigy of his music was the Campbells, so the honour was led by and very much involved the Campbell’s.

We are organising the Cup of Tae Festival for May Holiday 2022 and sadly it will be the first time since the festival started that neither Jimmy nor Vincent will be there They were our anchor and our support and always helping and advising along with Ernan, sadly all gone now.

Jimmy you were very special. Thank you for being you.

Special sympathies to Peter and all the family.


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