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James Brings The Town To a Standstill                                                                                                                                            Today Ardara said goodbye to one of its wonderful young sons when we buried James Hegarty after Funeral Mass in the Church of the Holy Family at 1pm .As the cortege came down the Hillhead and his body was removed from the hearse at the Greenhouse to allow James to be carried to church by friends and family there was an eiry silence on the front street and the as we reached the diamond the Ardara GAA Clubmembers were standing in a guard of honour for James this is the second time in a number of weeks that they did a guard of honour  last time for Thomas Maguire.The church was packed to capacity for the funeral considering it was one the biggest wakes in the parish.Dean Laverty delivered the service for the dead as only he can and a very emotional buried took place immediately afterwards.There was a sense of absolute loss at the burial of a wonderful and talented young man but there was also a sense of thankfulness at having known this great young man who had shown such courage in his life.It was heartbreaking for the family as James had the courage and strength to advise them of his funeral arrangements days before his death and it was so ironic that he should be buried on a Friday just three weeks after his wedding. James was an advert for positively ,enjoy life,make the best of every moment as if its your last because it might be .Thanks James for showing us all what a wonderful person you were and how to cope with adversity.The sympathy of the community to his young wife, his parents ,his brothers and large extended family

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