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Terence-Slowey-660x601Donegal`s first citizen now lives in Tullycleave                                                                                                                                  The warmest congratulations of the community goes to our local councillor Terence Slowey who was elected Major of Donegal at the annual general meeting of the council in Lifford on Wednesday.His election was supported by every councillor present and it was a wonderful day for The Slowey Family and a great day for Ardara.Terence follows the man he succeeded as councillor the late Charley Bennett who was the only other person from Ardara to be elected Mayor,indeed Charley died holding the office on March18 2001 in New York. Terence had a selection of family and friends attend the agm yesterday to see this historical event take place.Later in the day, Terence ,family and friends arrived at Doherty`s Bar where a large crowd assembled to welcome the Mayor home.We all wish him every success in his year in office.Family Fundraise                                                                                                                                                                               Ardara and surrounding parishes are renowned for kindness and help in times of tragedy and the recent fundraise for a local family has been a wonderful success,special thanks must go to all those people who went out and sold tickets for the fundraising dance which takes place in the Nesbitt Arms Hotel on Friday June 24 please come and support the dance and that very much includes everyone who purchased tickets.Members of the community have been appointed to assist the family involved with the adminstration of the fund

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