About us | Welcome to Ardara, Co. Donegal

Welcome to Ardara, best village in Ireland.

Ardara (Irish: Ard an Rátha, meaning “Height of the Fort”), pronounced “Ardra”, is a small town in County Donegal, Ireland, located along the N56 road. Some of the main scenic points near the town are the Glengesh Pass, the Maghera Falls and the views out over the Atlantic from Loughros Point.

In March for the last 10 years we have hosted a very successful Walking Festival with walkers coming from all over the world, USA, Europe and all over Ireland.  The town hosts the annual Cup of Tae Festival, a traditional music festival, each May. A multicultural festival called the ‘Melting pot’ festival is held on the bank holiday weekend in June, featuring music, dance and art from across the world.

Ardara is a vibrant and bustling town which is very popular with holiday makers.